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I May Be Crazy… (Flab To Fab)

About a year ago, my husband got me Jillian Michaels’ Body Revolution. I love Jillian’s work outs! She is by far my favorite!
I had almost completed the 12 week program, when at week 11, while on vacation, I injured my left abductor thigh muscle, (totally unrelated to the program).  That injury was a major 4 month set back, and actually I sadly never returned to the program to complete it.
That is until yesterday…
I started back at week one.  It starts off easy enough, especially since I exercise on a regular basis, it almost seems to be too simple for a Jillian workout. (I have already done all the workouts, so I know it gets a lot harder!) So as “simple” as it seemed, let me just say, right now I am sore in places that I forgot existed.
As I complete the program, I will be giving a more detailed review with all the information that I was looking for when I was researching this workout program a year ago. As for right now, I need to go stretch out my sore muscles.


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