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Beauty YouTubers I Love

I love to watch beauty videos on YouTube.  I love to see the products and makeup recommendations. I am always looking for new YouTubers to watch.  Here are some of my recommendations of my favorite Youtubers to check out and subscribe to.

What Would Lizzy Do | lookingjoligood.wordpress.comWhat Would Lizzy Do

This girl is not only a natural beauty, she is real and super funny.  She tells it like it is and gives great product reviews, all while being entertaining. I especially love her “Woops and Womps” videos.  She refers to herself as a brown biscuit.  Her make up is always perfect and she is so funny!


RachhLovesRachhloves |

Another YouTuber you’ve got to check out is Rachel from RachhLoves.  She is another funny one.  I love all the little extra graphics she adds into her videos.  Some of my favorite videos that she does are her follow ups after a haul.  It is great to see what she thinks about the products after she has used them for a few weeks.  She also does some great “Lazy Girl Guide” videos.

Jessica Braun jambeauty89 | lookingjoligood.wordpress.comjambeauty89 

You have got to check out Jessica Braun from jambeauty89  She is so cute and has the sweetest personality!  I love to watch her videos because she gets so excited over the smallest things.  While she doesn’t do tutorials or get ready with me videos, she does do a lot of drugstore product reviews. She just recently got married and she and her husband Tyler are so cute.

leighannsays | lookingjoligood.wordpress.comLeighannsays 

Leigh Ann from Leighannsays is another favorite of mine.  The perfect word to describe her is quirky.  She is another funny natural beauty.    She recently moved to a new place and adopted a little three legged dog named Luna.  She does a lot of make up tutorials, hair tutorials, make up reviews, fashion hauls.  She has the same type of stick straight eyelashes that I do, so I know that I can trust her mascara recommendations.

I hope that you check out these YouTubers.  Also click HERE to read my first post about Beauty YouTubers for my 3 top favorites…Tati, Melissa, and Candice.

If you have any good recommendations let me know!

3 thoughts on “Beauty YouTubers I Love

  1. I sub to Lizzy & Leighanne too. Check out Nicole (Young Wild & Polished) and Keerstin (ItsKeerstin) sometime. Keerstin does mainly a lot of haul videos. But she’s hilarious.

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