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Rimmel Scandal Eyes Gel Liner

~Weekly Product Highlight~Rimmel Scandal Eyes Gel Liner~

Why has it taken me so long to start using gel liner?  This product has seriously been a game changer for me! While I don’t wear a winged liner every day, when I do I used to only use liquid eyeliner.  The first time I used this product I was speechless.  I know it may seem crazy, but I was seriously so excited about how quickly and smoothly my wing applied.  Where has gel liner been all my life?

For some reason Rimmel has always been a cosmetic brand that I have overlooked. I am not sure why because it is a great brand with a lot of awesome products. Recently I have noticed that several of the products that I have been using and enjoying have been from Rimmel. This Rimmel Scandal Eyes Gel Liner is no exception.

Rimmel Scandal Eyes Gel Liner


The liner comes with a brush that has soft bristles yet is sturdy and holds up well while applying the gel. The gel glides on very smoothly and is quite forgiving.  It doesn’t dry too quickly to be able to fix a mistake, but it does dry fast enough to become smudge-proof. I had no trouble applying the liner exactly where I wanted it and in the thickness I prefer.  Cleaning the brush is easy too, I usually just wipe it with a dry tissue.

Rimmel Scandal Eyes Gel Liner |

It comes in two shades: black and brown.  I have mostly been using the brown shade and I love it! I have also purchased the black shade which I haven’t used as much, but the formula is still just as great and it is a super black black!

I have heard that some gel liners have a  drier formula that can drag  across the lid preventing a crisp line.  The formula for this Rimmel Scandal Eyes Gel Liner is smooth and creamy and not dry at all.  I have been using it daily for the last month and it has not changed in consistency at all. Not sure if this makes any difference but I am very careful to keep the lid closed tightly at all times, I even close it while I am applying it to one eye before I get more product for the other eye.

Rimmel Scandal Eyes Gel Liner |

What does the Rimmel Website have to say about this …

“Draw The Line with Scandalous eye-looks!

• Up to 24 hours of rich, intense colour that doesn’t flake, smudge, smear or run.
• Easy to apply, glides easily
• Professional brush for complete control to draw the lines you want.

NEW SCANDALEYES WATERPROOF GEL EYELINER The new quick-drying formula glides on smoothly for a more natural-looking finish. The luxuriously creamy liner comes with an accompanying thin brush that allows you to effortlessly build and layer for an eye look that reaches dramatically eye-catching levels. Creates a smooth, smudge-proof line. 24 HR Wear!”

What about you? Have you tried any of these Rimmel Scandal Eyes Gel Liner ?  What do you think?  Have you used other gel liners that have been great?  Have you used any that have been terrible? I would love to hear your opinion!

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