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Hi, My Name is Laura and I Am A Food Addict…

Some posts are easier to share than others…

Journey with me From Flab to FAB!

So, from the title you can already tell what this post is going to be about…  While I am not completely serious when I say that I am a food addict, I definitely have a love/hate relationship Eat to Live or Live to Eat |lookingjoligood.wordpress.comwith food.  I  love to eat, yet I hate the guilt that comes along with it.  It is a crazy cycle!

Some people are just naturally fit and thin, while others have to work really hard at it.  Some people are naturally built thicker and curvier.  Some people just naturally don’t like to eat a lot (what is their problem?! :-))  Other people love to eat!  Some people can eat whatever they want while others look at food and gain weight.

Growing up, I was always able to eat whatever I wanted and never gain weight.  Then I got married, and pregnant and then I hit my thirties.  While I am by no means unhealthy or overweight, I definitely have those few pesky pounds that I want to lose.

Just as much as I love to eat, I have always loved to exercise, but… unfortunately abs are made in the kitchen just as much as they are in the gym

healthy-food flab to FAB journey | lookingjoligood.wordpress.comI have tried to “diet” in the past and what ends up happening is that I get stressed out about everything that I eat and obsessed with all the things that I can’t eat.  Usually I end up super cranky and quit without seeing any results.

So, all this being said, I have recently started a healthy eating journey.  It is not always fun, and it doesn’t usually taste as good as ice cream, but it hasn’t been as hard as I thought.  I have been retraining my brain to think about food differently.  It is an everyday decision and it takes a lot of planning.  It doesn’t mean that I don’t still plan on posting awesome dessert recipes (or even eating awesome desserts), it just means that I have changed my way of thinking about dessert.

I plan to share some of my journey with all of you, and if you are interested, you can even join in and take the journey along with me!  Let me know what you think and if you have ever had similar struggles with food.


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