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Jeans and Genes

Flab to Fab Finding Jeans |
We’ve only just begun…

As you may recall, I have been on a journey from Flab to Fab, and part of this journey has lead me to desperately needing new jeans!

I don’t know quite what it is about jean shopping specifically, but it is exhausting!

I have been wearing the same jeans that I fit into almost 20 pounds ago.  I recently decided that enough is enough and I just needed to suck it up and keep trying until I find the right pair!

You may be thinking, but you have lost a lot of weight, all of your problems have magically been solved!  Nope!

Unfortunately, even though my jeans size has changed, my genes haven’t changed.  I have a small waist, thicker thighs and fat knees.  You may remember me talking about that in my post about Working Out For Beginners.  (I seriously HATE my fat knees!)

Don’t worry, these wonderful genes have also given me a lot of great traits as well.

This means that due to my overall body shape, I am always in between sizes. Seriously, so annoying!  If the waist fits, the thighs and knees are too tight.  If the thighs and knees are comfortable the waist is way too big.  If it seems like a great fit overall they are too short…

Well, I would rather have circulation to my legs, so I decided to just resign myself to the fact that I will always have to wear a belt.  I finally found a pair that I like and that are comfortable as well!

Flab to Fab Finding Jeans |
Three stores and 36 pairs later!

Flab to Fab Finding Jeans | lookingjoligood.wordpress.comOn the bright side, no matter what size jeans you are in, you can always wear an amazing pair of earrings!  I got these a while ago and had totally forgotten about them until just the other day.  The best thing about these earrings is that even though they are long and dangly and absolutely beautiful, they only weigh 2 grams.

I hate it when my earrings pull on my earlobes giving me a major headache.  Of course, if I really like the earrings I totally still wear them.  We all know about suffering for beauty! #thestruggleisreal I mean, let’s face it, stiletto heels are not comfortable to walk in in any way at all, but come on, they make you feel so beautiful! No pain no gain, am I right?!

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