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Tip Tuesday #29

Here is another tip for Tip Tuesday!

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Here is a tip to help you to get what you want out of your trip to the hair stylist…

First of all, be realistic about what you are asking for and how it is going to look on you.

Sometimes we look at a picture of a celebrity and think that we want to have the same style that they have.  Sometimes we forget to take into consideration what our own hair’s type, tone, and texture is.  Also think about the shape of your own face as opposed to the face of the celeb that you might want to look like.

Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez have heart shaped faces, so if you have a round or square shaped face, you won’t look as good with the same haircut that looks best on the two of them.

hair styles for faces shape |

Although, if you have a heart shaped face like Taylor, consider a layered cut with lots of volume and a side part.

If you have a round face like Sarah Hyland or Jennifer Lawrence your best bet is to tone down the volume.  You don’t want to make your round face look wider than it is long. Wearing your hair with a deep side part will help slim your super-symmetrical face.

Maybe you are like me and have an oval face.  Lucky for us, we have the most adaptable face shape when it comes to choosing a hair style. Pretty much any length, cut, or part will work.

Maybe your face is square shaped like Olivia Wilde or Lucy Liu.  Soft curls, long layers, as well as shorter in the back longer in the front hair styles are best for you.

Of course, you can wear your hair whichever way makes you feel most beautiful.  But if you are looking for a change, these are some good tips to follow.

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