How ’bout Them Samples Review 4

I just realized that I posted my How Bout Them Samples #5 without ever posting  the review of my #4 samples.  Well… here it is. 🙂

You may remember that as part of my “strict no buy” I had decided to try to use up a bunch of the neglected samples that I have already received from various places and sample boxes. I some are from ipsy bags, or Target boxes and others from Walmart beauty boxes. ( I have so many samples that I don’t even remember where I got all of them from originally.)

how bout them samples |

I posted a few weeks ago that I would let you know what I think of each thing and if I would purchase these items based on my thoughts from these samples.  Some products were awesome and I used them up right away, others have taken me longer to use.

Here’s my review of the samples from the fourth group of what I have been trying out…

bella-pierre-mineral-blush |

swatch bella pierre |

Bella Pierre Mineral Blush in Desert Rose

I usually I am not a huge fan of mineral blushes because some times they are powdery (obviously) and can be hard to get decent color pigmentation from.  I have been using this blush almost everyday since I posted the How bout Them Samples #4 post.  I have really been enjoying this blush.. It is a perfect color for my skin tone and looks very natural.  I haven’t had any issues with it being splotchy or uneven.

A 9 gram /.33 oz. jar of this blush costs $45. (The sample size that I have is .2 oz)

Based on the sample yes, I would buy this Bella Pierre Mineral Blush in Desert Rose.

burts bees |
Burt’s Bees Naturally Nourishing Milk and Honey Body Lotion

I really wanted to like this… I really did, but nope, I don’t.  It has a funny scent and a greasy feel.  I like that it is more natural, but I couldn’t get over the scent of it.

A 6 oz bottle of this lotion costs around $7.

Based on the sample NO, I would not buy this Burt’s Bees Naturally Nourishing Milk and HoneyBody Lotion

hanalei |
Hanalei Lip Treatment

This is another product that I really wanted to like.  I starts off great, kinda thick,smooth and slick without being sticky.  But the longer I wear it the less I like it. I just didn’t find my lips to be overly moisturized by this lip treatment. I have used other less expensive treatments that I liked better.

This Hanalei Lip Treatment is $20 for 0.53 oz.

Based on the sample NO, I would not buy Hanalei Lip Treatment.

juara swatch |

Juara Turmeric Antioxidant Radiance Mask

This mask smells so bad!  It smells like the liquid that leaks out of a garbage truck. When I was growing up we always called it “trash juice.”  I am not even kidding, it stinks so bad!

Based on the sample NO, I would not buy Juara Turmeric Antioxidant Radiance Mask


Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula

I never used this Palmer’s Cocoa Butter while I was pregnant which seems to be when most people seem to use it the most.  My kids love the way that this lotion smells.  It definitely has a chocolate scent to it.  I have been using it on my elbows knees and heels.  It works great!

An 8.5 oz bottle of this lotion cost around $5, a this 1.7 oz sample size is $0.99.

Based on the sample YES, I would buy this Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula.


Peter Lamas Supreme Radiance Complexion Booster

This primer smells so funky!  I think that it works great, but it really stinks!  I am not kidding, this primer doesn’t smell good at all.  It has a nice little sparkle that adds a glow to the skin.  I have enjoyed using it.

A full size Complexion Booster is $44 for 1 oz.

Based on the sample YES, I would buy this Peter Lamas Supreme Radiance Complexion Booster.


Pixi by Petra Blush Beauty Blush Duo Rose Gold

This is not a very good blush at all, it is a beautiful highlight though!  Even swirled together it doesn’t look like it is a blush.  I have been using it as a cheek highlight and in my inner corner and brow bone.

Based on the sample YES, I would buy this Pixi by Petra Blush, but definitely not as a blush.


Smashbox Primer Oil

Here is my issue with this product, it works great as an oil to add to foundation, but the opening of the bottle is so large that it makes it hard to get just one or two drops out at a time.  I am pretty sure that the full size has got to have better packaging.  The full size of this oil is $42 for 1 oz.

Based on the sample YES, I would buy this Smashbox Primer Oil.

strivectin-ar |

StriVectin-AR Eye Treatment

I love the scent of this under eye cream! I don’t really know if it made much of a difference because I don’t really have a huge under eye problem.  It seems really nice though. This eye cream is not cheap at $75 for 0.5 oz.  Only a little bit of eye cream is needed, so I have a feeling that 0.5 oz. will last a while.

Based on the sample NO, I would not buy StriVectin-AR Eye Treatment, not because it isn’t good, just because I don’t think I need to spend $75 for something that I don’t really know if it makes a big difference (even though I totally believe in prevention).

tarteist mascara | lookingjoligood.wordpress.comc

Tarteist Mascara

I can’t decide if I love or hate this mascara…when I first put it on my lashes look amazing!  Then as the day goes on it just kinda disappears.  I don’t know where it goes?  It doesn’t flake or smudge, it just vanishes.  At work I looked into the mirror and it looked as if I forgot to apply mascara to my lashes.  I was not happy about that!  Has anyone else used this mascara and had that happen?

Also, the packaging looks super cute, but as I have been using this over the last few weeks it has been annoying me the way that the top fits into the tub.  As you might be able to tell from the above picture it kind of clicks into the tube.  It makes it hard to be able to get the excess mascara off the brush because of the way the packaging is.  I am not sure if it is the same for the full sized mascara.

This sample size (0.1 oz) is $6 and the full size is $23 for 0.24 oz.

Based on the sample NO, I would not buy this Tarteist Mascara.  It is great for the first few hours, but then not

Makeup of the Day |

In the above picture I have on several of the products that I sampled this time around:

Bella Pierre Mineral Blush in Desert Rose
Burt’s Bees Naturally Nourishing Milk and HoneyBody Lotion
Pixi by Petra Blush Beauty Blush Duo Rose Gold (as a highlight on cheeks, brow bone, and inner corner)
Smashbox Primer Oil
Tarteist Mascara
(You may remember this picture from my makeup of the day post.)

What about you?  Have you tried any of these products?  What did you think?

If you would like to see which samples I have already tried out and what I think about them you can read more by clicking HERE.

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6 thoughts on “How ’bout Them Samples Review 4

    1. Thank you, you are so sweet! At first I was pretty skeptical about an oil primer, but when I use it with certian foundations (like the Maybelline Better skin super stay foundation) it actually makes the application much easier and smoother. I have normal to combo skin, and I don’t find that it adds any oiliness to my skin throughout the day. I haven’t had any problems with breakouts either. I definitely think it is worth trying!

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  1. Loved this look on you, the blush does look really pretty on your skintone – i’m not the biggest fan of mineral products especially blushes (so messy!) but this looks lovely.
    I’ve got a Tarte Tartiest mascara to try out which is next on my list to try out – I’ll report back if it does a disappearing act on me too!


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