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Healthy Is As Healthy… Thinks?

Mental health is one of the most important parts of weight loss. 

Losing weight, while it is physical is not really a physical challenge, it is totally a mental thing.  You have to constantly keep your thoughts focused. 

1. Stay positive! Focus on the positive aspects of your body, instead of all the things that you dislike about it.

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2. Change the way you think about food and exercise!  Don’t tell yourself “I can’t”

“I can’t eat that because I want to lose weight.”
“I can’t enjoy any of the foods that I use to because I am eating healthy now.” 

Instead think “I can!” 

I can feel good about the food I am putting into my body.”
I can do one more lap..rep..minute..interval”

3. Make your goals realistic!  You will be more likely to succeed if the goals are actually attainable.  Set mini goals with a larger goal in mind.  

Instead of a blanket statement of “I need to lose 45 pounds”  set a goal of “I will be more active and make healthy food choices for today.

One healthy choice at a time, one day at a time is a lot easier to achieve than an over whelming goal of 45 pounds.  Once you reach your goal set a new one.

I hope that you found this to be helpful!

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