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No Gym? No Problem! Week #7 High-Intensity Interval Training

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I love HIIT workouts!  HIIT stands for High-Intensity Interval Training. A HIIT workout consists of alternating levels of high and low-intensity activities.  Your level of intensity is based on your own physical fitness level.  Listen to your body!

Here is a breakdown of how to measure your own personal level of intensity:

1- resting in bed, sitting reading a book, watching TV
3- slow movements, body starts to warm up a bit, can easily carry on a conversation
5-body is warm, heart rate is slightly elevated, can still carry on a conversation, yet slightly out of breath
8-heart rate is elevated, cannot comfortably carry on a conversation
10-all out as hard as you can go, heart rate is at max level, if you push it any harder you may puke, pass out or die. (let’s not push it past a 10 :-))

HIIT workout: a 3:1 ratio of low intensity (level 5) for 90 seconds and high intensity (level 7-8) for 30 sec:

5 min warm up of slower smaller versions of the exercises to be done during the HIIT workout. (level 3)

low intensity (level 5) for 90 seconds/ high intensity (level 7-8) for 30 sec.

1. Hot Feet
2. Jump rope
3. High Knees
4. Skaters
5. Jumping Jacks
6. Single Leg Vertical Jumps
7. Alternating Double Knee Strikes
8. Punches
9. Mummy Kicks

4 min cooldown (level 3) with 5 min stretches.
30 min total

Take 15-30 minutes and improve your day! Your health and wellness are worth it!

Remember to keep proper form, Chest up, shoulders down, abs tight, knees above the ankles, behind the toes. Warm up before, and stretch after you exercise to prevent injury.

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