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First ipsy Glam Bag of 2016

I can’t believe that I completely forgot to post about this months ipsy bag!  Another month has flown by and it is already time to receive another ipsy glam bag!  If you don’t know what ipsy is you can check out my previous post all about it by clicking HERE

If you are thinking about trying out ipsy, I would love it if you were to use my referral link

This month’s glam bag theme is “All Eyes On You“. The bag is a cute retro looking white bag with a pattern of a girl wearing glasses in bright primary colors.  It has a nylon/plastic feel.  The zipper is across the top which, you may remember, I like a lot better than the style of the ones that have the zipper 1/4 of the way down.

With the theme All Eyes On You, the majority of the products included in the bags were eye related.  I love eye makeup the best, so I was very happy with my samples this month, (also that means no nail polishes for me!)

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook you have already seen what I received.  If you don’t follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you totally should be!

ipsy January 2016 glam bag |

Since I received this a little while ago, I have already been using some of the products. I’ll give mini reviews on those that I have already used….Here is what I got in my glam bad this month:

OFRA’S Universal Eyebrow Pencil:  I don’t usually use a brow pencil to fill in my brows.  I tend to only use a powder, so I am probably going to pass this along to someone.  It seems like a decent pencil.  The more you apply the brow pencil the darker the color will get, so it will work well with a lot of skin tones.  I may try it out as an eyeliner before I pass it on.

theBalm Cosmetics Mr. Write (Now) |

theBalm Cosmetics Mr. Write (Now) Jack B. Bronze (rich bronze)  Overall I like the brand the Balm.  This eyeliner is no exception.  I only wish that I had gotten the other color Scott B. Bordeaux (deep purple), but this is still a great eyeliner.  I prefer these twist up liners over the type that need to be sharpened.  I have worn this to work a few times already and it has lasted throughout the entire day well without any smudging or budging.

ipsy January 2016 glam bag | lookingjoligood.wordpress.comJ.Cat Beauty Blinkle Shimmer Eyeshadow  I think that I have gotten things from J.Cat Beauty in my glam bags before.  This blinkle shimmer shadow is in the shade Tangerine Light.  It is not really a color that I would choose for myself, but it is actually a really beautiful color.  I have used it a few times already and it lives up to its name, it is definitely shimmery!  One of the things that I really like about ipsy is I often receive samples in colors and shades that I wouldn’t try otherwise but end up really liking them. (not the nail polishes though, I don’t appreciate them no matter what the shade or brand!)

skyn ICELAND Travel Size Glacial Cleansing Cloths Infused with Icelandic glacial waters and beneficial natural extracts, they sweep away makeup, dirt, oil and other impurities while refreshing and soothing stressed skin.  I really like these cloths.  They are a lot wetter than most cleansing cloths.  If you rub the sides together it lathers up.  Pretty interesting and works awesome.  They kind of have a cinnamon scent and a warm feel on the skin.

Jelly Pong Pong Fairy Lashes CURLJelly Pong Pong Fairy Lashes CURL So, according to the product description: “Fairy Lashes CURL is a sculpting mascara that continually curls lashes throughout the day with a unique synthesis of Moringa Seed resin that holds the curl of lashes for long-lasting results.”  This kind of seems like quite the claims!  I have 4 mascaras open right now, so I haven’t tried this one yet.  Although, I have tried a few other products from Jelly Pong Pong and I have liked all of them.  When I do use this I’ll let you know if my eyelashes are “continually curls lashes throughout the day” by this mascara.

Well, that is what I got in my bag!  I hope next months is as good as this one!  How about you?   Did you get an ipsy glam bag this month?  What did you get in yours?  Were you happy with your samples?  Do you get any other monthly subscription bags/boxes that are worth trying out?  Let me know in the comments below.

If you don’t already subscribe and would like to try out ipsy you can use my referral link by clicking HERE!  Also, if you are interested in seeing my other recent posts about ipsy click HERE.

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11 thoughts on “First ipsy Glam Bag of 2016

  1. Curious to see if the mascara lives up to its claim. The brow liner is intriguing to me. I’ve not used one in a long time, but I am losing some of my eyebrows (but not all) with the chemo, so I’ve been thinking about checking it out. Maybe I’ll try that brand 🙂


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