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Tip Tuesday #9

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Here is another tip for Tip Tuesday…

I always tend to apply my foundation and concealer first and then my eye makeup. Unfortunately, this often results in fall out creating what looks like dark shadows under my eyes (not the look I am going for!)

Tip Tuesday...|

 Instead, after my foundation, I have recently been starting with eye makeup and then applying my concealer afterwards. That way, I can easily clean up any eye shadow that falls below my eyes. I also soak a cotton swab or two in makeup remover to have on hand to quickly and easily clean up any of the left over fall out. To finish, I apply my concealer under my eyes for a bright perfect under eye area.

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2 thoughts on “Tip Tuesday #9

  1. Great tip! I actually apply foundation AND concealer after I’ve done my eye makeup. I made the switch a few years ago after learning about it from a makeup artist. And at first it looked weird to have finished eyes but bare faced – I got use to it. This definitely helps with clean up! I never worry about eye shadow falling down on my face.


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