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How ’bout Them Samples?!

Ok, I have been trying really hard not to make any unnecessary beauty purchases.  So far, so good.  I have walked down the beauty rows several times and I have successfully left without buying anything!

So, as part of my strict no buy, I had decided to use samples that I have already received but have been neglecting.  I have so many samples that I don’t even remember where I got all of them from originally.  I know some are from ipsy bags, or Target boxes and others from Walmart beauty boxes.  Here is the first group of what I have decided to try out…

how about them samples? |

I will let you know in a few weeks what I think of each thing and if I would purchase these items based on my thoughts from these samples.

And yes, that is a nail product in the picture, I know, I know, I completely complained about it when I got it in my ipsy bag.  I am going to give it a try based on the high recommendations of Amy from The Makeup Case and Lizzie from lizzielovesbeauty.

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8 thoughts on “How ’bout Them Samples?!

  1. I am currently doing the same thing! We just moved, and I can’t believe how much stuff I have. oops… The only makeup I am still going to buy, if I can find it here in Orlando, are the new Wet n Wild highlighters. Otherwise…nothing for awhile! LOL

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  2. I chipped away at quite a bit of my samples when I was on a No-Buy last year. It’s sometimes a great way to discover new favourites!
    I’ve not heard of the blog lizzielovesbeauty – off to check her blog now!


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