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Tip Tuesday #28

Here is another tip for Tip Tuesday!

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I love to wear long dangling earrings!

It is so annoying to be looking amongst your jewelry for the perfect pair of earrings and only being able to find one of them.  One way I keep all my earrings organized and easy to find is with buttons.  I insert the earrings into the button holes and have a simple yet ingenious way to keep my earrings together and organized.  Now whenever I am looking in my jewelry box for a pair of earrings they are already together and easy to find.

TipTuesday earring organization |

Let me know if you try it and what you think!

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6 thoughts on “Tip Tuesday #28

  1. Awesome idea! I used to keep earrings on those plastic canvas things for cross stitching:

    Mine was nowhere as nice looking as that! I cut them into recipe card size and “filed” them in a metal recipe card holder! 😛

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