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Tip Tuesday #1

I’m going to be starting a new series called…Tip Tuesdays!

Tip Tuesday Make up tips and tricks every Tuesday |

I hope to give you some little tips and tricks that help to make a big difference in your daily makeup/beauty routine!

Tip #1: If you want your eyeshadow to blend more evenly and easily without creasing or fading, you need this tip in your life!

Working one eye at a time, prime your eyelid with an eye primer, paint pot, or even use concealer or just your foundation.  Then immediately set with a transluscent powder.  

When you go to apply your eye shadows you will notice how much more easily they will apply.

This little step will create a smoother canvas on your eyelid to lay down your colors.  You’ll be amazed at how even cheaper harder to work with shadows will blend more easily.

Give it a try and let me know what you think!

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