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Tip Tuesday #13

Tip Tuesday Make up tips and tricks every Tuesday | lookingjoligood.wordpress.comHere is another tip for Tip Tuesdays…

When it comes to face makeup, no one wants to have a cake face!!!  Let’s be honest, sometimes it happens despite the best efforts!  This weeks tip can help to cut down on mid day makeup cake up.

When I want to keep my face looking fresh throughout the day I will reapply some loose face powder.  To prevent the powder from becoming cakey on my face, I always blot off the excess oil first.  Doing this simple step will prevent the powder from sticking and clumping to the oil and instead will give you the fresh face you are looking for.

You don’t need special blotting papers or sponges! I find that gently pressing a paper napkin or paper towel to my more oily areas does the trick perfectly.  One of the best paper napkins to use for oil absorption comes from Starbucks!  Those little brown paper napkins do the trick perfectly!  Whenever I am there I grab a handful for my purse.

Starbucks Napkins are perfect for blotting! |

Let me know what you think if you try it out!

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