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One Lovely Blog Award!

Hello Beautiful Readers!

I have been nominated for “One Lovely Blog Award” by the lovely blog Thrifty Meet Splurgy.  Thank you so much to T&S for nominating me!  Be sure to go check out their blog and let them know that I sent you and that they are awesome!

One Lovely Blog Award! |

The Rules:

  • Thank the blogger who nominated you and link back to them.
  • Share 7-15 facts about yourself.
  • Nominate 9-15 bloggers you admire and contact them to let them know.

Facts about me:

Laura Joli |

  • I have a green thumb.  I can bring almost any practically dead plant back to life.
  • Even though I am an IV nurse I am completely afraid of needles!  I get super sweaty and almost pass out every time I have to get a shot or blood drawn.
  •  I have taught myself how to tilt my head in pictures to hide the fact that my nose is super crooked!
  • I am really good at catching and killing flies in my house.
  • I had a crush on my husband since the first day I met him in eighth grade, but we didn’t start dating until years later when we were both in college.
  • I am slightly dyslexic.  I have a hard time reading out loud and I write b and d backwards.  It also makes is so that I cannot look into a rearview mirror and back up my car.
  • I alway try to park in a parking spot that I can pull through.  (see above for the reason why. haha.)
  • I am a terrible speller!  Terrible!  If I can’t figure out how to spell a word I will change the sentence around to be able to use a similar word that I can spell.  (I think it also has something to do with the dyslexia.) Spell check is my best friend, but there are some words that not even spell check can help with my spelling, trust me!
  • I love to go to the beach!  If I could spend the day anywhere it would be in the sand by the ocean.

The Nominees:

These tagged bloggers are ones that I follow and love reading! I definitely recommend that you go and check them out as well! (In no particular order…)


Thank you so much to T&S for nominating me!  Be sure to go check out their blog as well as all these other bloggers that I have tagged today!

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19 thoughts on “One Lovely Blog Award!

  1. That is SO ironic that you’re afraid of needles and you’re an IV nurse LOL! I have no fear of needles. In fact, I think drawing blood is fascinating – I love seeing the vacuum vials suck out my blood. 😛 I’ve had several IVs put in before and while they’re not the most pleasant thing, I tolerate them. I’ve also donate blood many times – now THOSE needles are something else. Ok, enough about needles. 😆
    That’s the cutest thing about crushing on your husband since eighth grade. Now I’m wondering where my eighth grade crush is…
    I love that picture of you included in this post – you should use it as your profile pic!
    Thanks for nominating me! 🙂


    1. I love all of those same things about drawing blood too, except only when it is in someone else’s arm. Haha! Those blood donation needles are huge!!! But fortunately they are also super sharp and glide in more easily. You’re welcome for the nomination 🙂


  2. Also, that is SO sweet that you had a crush on your hubby since the 8th grade!! AWWW I am such a romantic haha! I love the beach too!! I am craving it so bad!!! Why does the closest beach have to be 8 hours away from me!! That is hilarious about you being a bad speller! I would have never guessed!

    Liked by 1 person

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