No Gym No Problem

No Gym? No Problem! #41 Popsugar Fitness 45-Minute Kick Boxing Workout

I love to workout, but kickboxing is my favorite type of workout!  Whenever I do a kickboxing workout I fell as if I get the most bang for my buck! I love getting in an overall entire body workout.  This 45-minute kickboxing workout from Popsugar is no exception!  I love Christa DiPaolo’s energy!  She is so encouraging!

Do you have time to invest in your health and wellness?  Yes, you do!  No excuses, just do it! Remember to keep proper form, warm up before, and stretch after you exercise!

“We are excited to share this at-home cardio-boxing workout with you — it’s our longest video ever and it will leave you dripping in sweat. Christa DiPaolo, creator of THE CUT by Equinox, will lead you through her 45-minute signature workout that mixes high-intensity conditioning, boxing, kickboxing, and bodyweight strength training moves. If you are new to working out, we offer modifications for almost every move. Grab a towel, a bottle of water, press play and get ready to get cut!

Check out Equinox at ”

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