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So Sweet! ~ Flab to FAB

The struggle is real! I am going to be out right honest, I am really having a hard time keeping my diet balanced.  All I want to do is eat sweet treats ALL DAY! Keeping a healthy diet around this time of year is alway hard for me!  I love all things sweet.  It starts… Continue reading So Sweet! ~ Flab to FAB

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Where Is the Body Revolution Review?!

**Please see below for an update. Ok, so you might remember that for a while I was doing a weekly Jillian Michaels Body Revolution Review.  I reviewed up through week 6 and Cardio 2, then the reviews suddenly stopped… I completed workouts for weeks 7 and 8, although I didn’t review them, and I started Cardio… Continue reading Where Is the Body Revolution Review?!

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Does muscle weigh more than fat?

We’ve all probably heard someone say that muscle weighs more than fat.  But does muscle really weight more than fat?  The quick answer is NO…A pound is still a pound no matter what it is made up of.  That being said the difference between muscle and fat is not the weight, but the amount of space… Continue reading Does muscle weigh more than fat?

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Equal Doesn’t Always Mean Equal ~ Flab to Fab

  All food is not created equal.  Unfortunately the two hundred calories from a Little Debbie Snack Cake are not equal to the 200 calories in steamed veggies.  I really wish that this was not true! I really wish that my body would use the calories from desserts the same way it uses the veggies.… Continue reading Equal Doesn’t Always Mean Equal ~ Flab to Fab

No Gym No Problem

No Gym? No Problem!

I don’t have a gym membership and have never worked out at the gym.

Personally I have lost all of my weight by walking outside or working out in my own home.  That being said, I am going to be staring a new weekly series on Mondays called “No gym? No Problem!”

This first installment is going to be a simple 10 minute workout from one of my favorite fitness experts.  Don’t worry, it isn’t Jillian 😉

If you have a little bit of space, some sturdy athletic shoes, a computer and 10 minutes, you can do this workout by Jessica Smith!

I’d like to introduce you to Jessica Smith.

Jessica Smith TV | lookingjoligood.wordpress.com

I have spent so much time “working out” with Jessica Smith that I seriously feel like I am introducing you to one of my friends.  Not only is she a pleasant knowledgeable fitness expert that has so many awesome free workouts on YouTube, she is also funny and beautiful. Plus, she has a super sweet little French Bulldog named Peanut that joins in the videos and is pretty funny!

Check out her website too.  She has a lot of great health and fitness information: jessicasmithtv.com  and check out all of her other great workouts at her YouTube channel by clicking HERE.

She even has a whole playlist of 10 minute or less workouts.  You can check them out by clicking HERE


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The Trap Of Celebrating With Food

Instead of using food as a reward, I have been trying to reward myself in other ways. Some ways include: getting a pedicure, buying new smaller clothes :-), getting some new makeup, or splurging on a new purse. Sometimes the celebration is just giving myself a little bit of a break to sit down and read an extra chapter in a good book.

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Always Be What You’ve Always Been

This little saying goes both ways, good and bad.  If you always brush and floss your teeth, you will have good dental hygiene and a healthy mouth, that is good.  If you always stay up too late every night you will wake up tired and dragging the next morning, that is bad. If you want… Continue reading Always Be What You’ve Always Been

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“How To Talk To Your Daughter About Her Body”

The other day, my friend posted this on Facebook.  Despite the fact that it is not original to her, I still thought that it was too good not to share. If you have been around Looking Joli Good for any amount of time, you already know that I have my own body issues 🙂  While… Continue reading “How To Talk To Your Daughter About Her Body”

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Flab To FAB ~ Continued Progress!

I keep track of my weight loss on my fitbit fitness tracker.  Today I received my weight loss goal badge!  I am pretty excited about the progress that I have made.  I have set a new goal and am excited about trying to reach it.  It has been a lot of consistent work and I… Continue reading Flab To FAB ~ Continued Progress!