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Equal Doesn’t Always Mean Equal ~ Flab to Fab


junk-food-vs-healthy-food | lookingjoligood.wordpress.com

All food is not created equal.  Unfortunately the two hundred calories from a Little Debbie Snack Cake are not equal to the 200 calories in steamed veggies.  I really wish that this was not true! I really wish that my body would use the calories from desserts the same way it uses the veggies.

junk-food-vs-healthy-food | lookingjoligood.wordpress.com

Despite having met my goal weight, I still have good days and bad days.  Some days I want to eat an entire bag of skittles all by myself…the big bag,  while other days I will stick to my healthy food plan no problem.  The important thing is that I don’t let the mess up days keep me from being successful the next time.

Skittles Taste the rainbow! | lookingjoligood.wordpress.com
I love them all, but the green ones are probably my favorite closely followed by the red ones.

I saw this video a while back and I love how it shows the comparison between the different foods.  It perfectly shows how equal doesn’t mean equal!

Thank you for continuing to journey with me from flab to fab!  If you would like to read more posts about this journey click HERE!



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