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Plateau!!! Why Can’t I Lose Weight?!

Hitting a plateau is so annoying!  Every body is different, there is no magic formula or just one specific answer to how to get over a plateau.


Sometimes it feels like you are doing everything right and still not losing weight. You might need to ask yourself a few simple questions…

  • Are you really taking the best care of your body and health or are you just going trough the motions?
  • Are you being patient giving your body time to respond to healthy changes?

Or maybe you think you are doing everything right but in actuality you are missing something in one area or another…

  • What you are eating? (Are you eating too much? Not enough?)
  • How you are sleeping?
  • Are taking care of yourself?  How is your stress level?
  • What types of work outs are you doing? (Are you working out too much? Not enough?)

Losing weight is not just a simple formula, it is a very personal thing.  You may be working out and eating right but you are not sleeping enough or maybe you’re always stressed out.  Our bodies love to hang on to those extra few pounds just in case they need it later on.

I know that it is so annoying to be doing everything right and not see the scale moving. Remind yourself that even if the scale isn’t heading in the direction you want it to, your body might be changing in a positive way internally.

Listen to the signals that your body is giving you. Also, just because you have that perfect goal weight in your mind doesn’t mean that number is where your body can comfortably maintain itself.

Personally, I had a goal weight in my mind that I wanted to reach.  Once I reached that goal I was so proud of myself, but when it came time to maintain my weight at that weight it was really hard. My body wanted to rest about 3 lbs heavier than that goal number.  Instead of fighting it, I have embraced those 3 lbs, and because of that decision I have not had any difficulty with my weight maintenance.  (I even indulge with a small bowl of ice cream every now and then, I couldn’t do that when I was trying to keep those 3 lbs off.)

While I am not a wellness coach, nutritionist, or personal fitness trainer, I am a nurse who loves to learn as much about health and wellness as I can!

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