No Gym No Problem

No Gym? No Problem! #12

I love to workout with weights!  One thing I have learned from all my working out with Jillian (remember we are best friends, she just doesn’t know it)  is that compound movements are much more effective than just isolating one muscle group.  This series of dumbbell exercises will give you several effective compound movements.  I like to use 8lb weights, but 3lbs or 5 lbs is great as well!   You can always push the up button by increasing the weight.

Start with one set of each move. As you get stronger,try to do the a circuit three or four times. After six weeks you can expect to see improvements in strength, muscle tone, and endurance. You will be shocked at just how strong you are!  As always…No excuses! Just do it!

No Gym? No Problem! |

Remember to keep good proper form and warm up and stretch before and after your workout!

You can check out the original article from Real Simple written by Jessica Cassity by clicking HERE.

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  1. Aloha beautiful! I just read your post and love the way you write! Thanks for having liked my recent post. I will post about how I lost 60lbs and my fitnessjourney. If you are interested you can follow me and maybe pick up the one or other tip, just as I picked up some good tips on your blog.

    Sending aloha from Hawaii

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