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Fitness Isn’t A Punishment

Every Monday I post a “No Gym? No problem!” workout, and every week I say:

“Take 15-30 minutes and improve your day! Your heath and wellness is worth it!”

I really believe that!  I believe that your health and wellness are worth the time and effort it takes to eat healthy and exercise.  Fitness is not a punishment!  Skinny is not always “healthy”  Healthy for some might be being thinner, while others look a different way.

No matter what your healthy looks like it is worth fighting for!


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5 thoughts on “Fitness Isn’t A Punishment

  1. I loved this post and completely agree! Health is so important and when I was younger my parents never focused on it. I’m here now with all these health problems and I’m trying to make the right and best changes for myself and my family, I’m gonna check out some of your workout posts! I’ve been looking for a good little workout routine!!!


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