No Gym No Problem

No Gym? No Problem! #11

Do you remember Jessica Smith (and Peanut) from a few weeks ago?  This is one of my all time absolute favorite exercises routines from her.  If you want a great ab workout without having to do a million crunches, this is just the workout for you!  It takes less than 30 minutes!  No excuses, just do it!

How does the Jessica Smith TV website describe this workout routine?

“What It Is: This cardio kickboxing abs routine is the best way to mix up your abs routine and give unwanted belly fat a one-two punch (don’t forget to pair it with a healthy diet for best results)!

Why You Need It: Let’s face it, crunches aren’t the most effective  and those plank challenges are super boring (and they can really cause poor form). This multi-tasking routine saves you time and maximizes your calorie burn by combining your cardio and core work into a single workout (plus, it’s kind of fun too!).”

Don’t forget to keep good form and warm up and stretch before and after your workout!

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