No Gym No Problem

No Gym? No Problem! #25

This is a great diagram of different ab exercises you can do. I like that it shows  the different muscle groups of your abs that each move is working! Either do them in this order or mix things up to create your own circuit.  Try doing 3 set of 15 reps of each exercise.

(The names on the picture are in French, but I will write the English names below.)

Ab workout |

Scissor Crunches:
Lie on a fitness mat, put your hands under your buttocks and lift the upper back. Stretch your legs and start crossing them one over the other.

Cross Crunch:
While lying on your fitness mat, place your right foot on your left knee, lift your back and touch your right knee with your left elbow. Reverse the position of your legs and elbows and repeat.

While lying flat on your back on your fitness mat, put your hands on your temples, bend your knees and start lifting your upper back.

Leg Beats:
While lying flat on your back on a fitness mat with  your legs straight in front of you. Start alternately lift your legs up and down.

Heel Touches
Lying on a fitness mat, bend your knees, lift your head and your back, place your arms at your sides and begin to touch your feet with your fingers ( left hand to  left heel, right hand to right heel).

Remember to keep good proper form, warm up before, and stretch after you exercise!

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3 thoughts on “No Gym? No Problem! #25

  1. This is crazy! I was going to ask you to recommend an ab workout just yesterday. I’ll give this one a try!


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