No Gym No Problem

No Gym? No Problem! #46

A strong core is vital to good posture and a healthy back. Strengthen your core can help to lessen your chance of back pain. Best of all, you can achieve this in just a few minutes each day, with no equipment needed, No Gym? No Problem!

Take 15-30 minutes and improve your day! Your heath and wellness is worth it!  Remember to keep good proper form, warm up before, and stretch after you exercise!  No excuses, Just do it!

Here are all the videos you need to get started:

1. Here’s how to do a proper plank: Animated GIF of Plank Pose

2. Here’s how to do a boat pose:

Animated GIF of Boat Pose
3. Here’s how to do bicycle crunches:
animated GIF of how to do bicycle crunches


4. Here’s how to do scissor kicks a.k.a. single leg lifts:
Animated GIF of scissor kicks or single leg lifts

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